Sandy In Concert

Sandy in Concert 2002

Ever since secondary school, i’ve been growing up with tunes from Sandy. I won’t say that her music is extremely fantastic, technical, lyrical or extremely special, but its very personal and very close to my heart. I never did have a friend who is also into her music, hence i would say its really personal.

Almost all of her songs have locked those fond nuggets of memories that have led me to grow up in a journey of self discovery during my younger years. I have about 80% – 90% of her albums and i think that would show how much of her songs i listen to.

I think its something to do with her voice that makes me like her music that much… anyway… this weekend Sandy is town for her concert, but a pity that i can’t afford to spend that kind of money.

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  1. er.. you mean those telok kurau days where we use to play mini 1 on 1 basket ball matches back in your old bedroom… and not to mention modelling amatur-ishily for foto session with degree-less specs and curly hair? :) man… sandy lam sure feels nostalgic. hehee

  2. I’d say that I don’t mind Chinese music, just that I’m very into understanding any song’s lyrics, and I cannot make out the Hanyupinying when Mandarin is sung because I don’t speak enough of it, therefore I don’t listen… how sad.

  3. i like sandy’s music! especially the first few songs she sang.. beautiful! i like the one which goes: “ye yi shen, hai you she me ren..”

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