Fight Fire Fighting

I think most of us are familiar with the term “Fire Fighting” and I think I can safely say businesses with old ways of doing things have a lot of inefficiencies in them and its not surprising that things are done in a clearly silly way. The fight against fire fighting has been in my work place for quite a while now and its unavoidable.

The strategy I’m adopting is first not to get burnt while at the same time not letting the fire spread. Our men are in there fire-fighting and we want to save them out from there, but if I can’t protect myself how can I then save others? So I think its better to lose some fire-fighters and let some of the place burn then to let the fire spread or even sending more fire-fighters into the fire. And I’ll never count on a rain.

Nick you’re cold an inconsiderate. No i’m just looking at the bigger picture.

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  1. hi, i read some of yr blogs, and the more recent one…> i think u r givin yrself too much stress. If i may, let me share a story wif u.
    A stress management lecturer went into a class, holding a glass of water and post this question to the class. “wad is the weight of this glass of water” well, one replied:”80grams” den the lecturer said… it depends how long u hold it. A 30 secs hold would mean nothing… A 60 minutes hold would perhaps tire u… when u r tired, juz put down the glass of water, den pick it up and hold it again… u will be able to hold it longer… and u will grow stronger… (see if it helps in yr case)

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