30 Replies to “cliépan in da house”

  1. clie is back,
    so very “rapped” up,
    packed up, in a crib,
    making comfort seem,
    theme, gleam, magazine
    style… baby, you’re cuute.

  2. OMG!
    i’m so happy for u!!
    can we go ur place to touch ur baby????????
    1 day open for all bloggers??

    SO CUTE!!!
    be happy always!!!!! :)

  3. hehee… wat a wonderful baby! :) ahs im so excited for u 3! thank God she’s healthy yea? :)

    heheh cliepan dance reminds of the levi’s ad :)

  4. She is absolutely adorable!! haha,but i still dunno how to pronounce her name. heh.anyway,congratulation,you two are officially parents from now on!It must be a amazing time for you,and i’m glad that you chose to share your bundle of fun with the online community,we’re all so happy for you.:)

  5. hey!! congratulations nick and pearl!!!! what proud parents you must be. clie is a beautiful new addition to your family.

    nick, please tell pearl to update her site when she gets a chance. I miss it very much. :( she just disappeared! I hope to see new entries soon. :::cooos to clie::: :)

  6. hey ya… sam sent me your site cos i love kids….clie is really cute :) congrats! i’m sure u guys must be proud and beaming parents!

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