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oh yah, Pearl & I went for the NDP Preview. We love to go for NDP, cuz somehow its just fun + its a real celebration kinda thingy. We truly enjoyed ourselves. I really have to thank my Pastor for giving us the tickets.

If you wanna get lyrics, mp3, etc of NDP stuff, you can get it from here. I have to say this year’s “one united people” is really nice, i can’t stop singing it.

I think now you know i’m super pro-singapore.

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  1. i’ve never been to the ndp before but i was just outside the stadium during the preview this year. saw the cannon salute and of course the flypast. wonderful. the fireworks were lovely!

  2. hey there nick & pearl, i see you’ve started your house blog! looking forward to see the progress of your new home! i don’t really know what’s going on with ours but i think they’re doing some simple renos on it now so that we can rent it out soon.

  3. hey nick! i see that one of the items on your wishlist is an ipod… well, arbaiya got one last week!! hoho…really cool man! nice n sleek design :)

    by the way, happy national day to u, pearl and clie!

  4. I was also at the Blue sector. I don’t like there, because can’t see the fireworks at all. :(
    Blocked by the huge screen behind.

  5. Hi, just wondering where you bought your domain name from.. ‘coz mine is from differenthost and my page was hacked into recently!!! =( I am thinking of changing hosts.. wondering if urs is reliable? Pls advise.. thanks. =)

    Anyway I went to NDP and found the crowd not as “happening” as I expected it to be. & the music was deafening.. hmm. But the fireworks were ok..

  6. I suddenly realised… ur family is named ‘Pearl’ (like PERL) and ‘Clié’… whoa…

    ..anyway, Clié is quite an expert smiler at her age… although i only saw her smile a couple of times, but she has quite a few ‘patterns’ in her arsenal already — she can resemble both urs and Pearl’s smile.

  7. guess wad….
    i won a poem contest and got 100 bucks + 2 ndp preview tickets!!
    guess wad?
    i got them on 16th august!

  8. Hi Nick, i have question since you’re using Canon Ixus as well. How do u actually take distant shots without the images turning out all dark?

  9. Do anybody know how or where to get the Ndp 2003 theme song, One united people lyrics?
    If you do please tell me.

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