Ocean Glassware Coffee Mug

Wah lau after searching for it for like 5 months, i finally found it and bought a dozen for my new house. I saw something similar at Ikea, but for that one, there are minor details that made me not buy it. Why must i be so picky… darn!

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  1. Wow! Even the simpliest detail in life also need to be so specific. Well, it’d been in ur wishlist for long… so nice that u’ve finally found it.

  2. Hi Nick, I’m interested in the glasses featured on the Ocean Glass webby too…how did u purchase them? Do they have a distributor in Singapore?

  3. I have a set of horizontally striped tumbler glasses. I purchased them at Steinmart. I am interested in additional glasses. Don’t know if this is the exact company, but Ocean (Thailand) is printed on the bottom of the glass. Any suggestions?

  4. i always use Ceramic Coffee mugs because they are quite tough, i dropped them on the floor without breaking~’.

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