good night


I’m tired, but I do not wish to sleep. I don’t want to say good night just yet as the night is as sweet as the first kiss, the night is as lovely as the first embrace, the night is like the touch of my love dressed in satin. The night is like another world where I can escape from this reality, the dreamy state of swinging jazz and dancing in the rain with no cares of the world.

Enjoying the night, loving my surrounds, I sing songs in my head and think nostalgic thoughts. Smile, drop a tear in the overwhelming comprehension of life, while the beat of life and self consciousness are syncopated like a swing solo of the big band era. Pleasant anxieties, painful patience, when oh when do I move on or should I indulge a while longer on this humanistic and seemingly corporeal sense.

What more can I ask, what more can I give, what oh what more should I do…

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  1. yes. in the night we find certain joy, ecstacy. as if it were drawing us back to completion, bringing us closer to ourselves. where we once came from. from darkness.

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