we are unpacking and we are indeed enjoying for the very first time plenty of space. When we were at my parent’s place when Pearl and i got married, we just had 1 room, then when we went to Australia to study we were in a smaller room, then when we came back Singapore, we moved into Pearl’s Sister’s place and we lived in an even more tiny room (big thanks Davis and Sharon for kindly putting us up in their place). But now we got a whole 5 room flat all to ourselves… say space!!

S P A C E ! ! !

For the next few days we will still not have access to the net as we just connected our phone line and our ISP is currently doing our broadband relocation. More photos will be uploaded then.

I seriously miss not being on the net.

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  1. oh, both of u studied in Aust? *sends love from Sydney*

    yay for moving in :) congrats! 5 bedrooms?? that’s a heaps spacious for an appartment in singapore!

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