Fashion illustrations are way cool. I see Pearl doing it and it seems so easy. But i tried to do it myself and its somehow not so easy leh…

I use grids all the time in Photoshop and so in Illustrator i also use grids. I drew this with grids and i can’t bring myself to do anything with out grids. if the width or height are not divisible by say 2, 5 or 10 i can’t bring my self to use such dimensions. Very weird habit i have that clearly shows i’m no fine artist.

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  1. the attempt is so reflective of the logical workings of your mind! :) it’s a cool picture… very nickpan-flavoured. haha

  2. you’re an architect like person… they use grids all the time. however, I’m trying to break out of grids, check out some of latest posts..

  3. everything / everyone has its pros and cons.

    muahaha…that’s y God is fair! some ppl can design, but cant do maths, can’t do programming…others can program like a genius, but design is ‘okok’ haha… well for the rest who can do both, you’re real lucky! hohoho

    (‘ ‘,)

  4. though it does not look like pearl’s, well, u have your style! it looks cool to is so iPod style. ;)

  5. somehow, at times i work with grids too. it’s like a habit. to me, if i can’t split them up equally, then 4get abt it.

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