Joe and Kelen

It was Joe and Kelen’s wedding at the Ritz Carlton. Wow… very nice wedding.

The very special part of the whole banquet was that at your seat, you had your picture there so that you know thats your seat. They have for few months already went around to take pictures of all the people who they have invited. Wow… massive effort.

Clié loved the place very much too. There were big empty spaces to run around.

But coming to the end of the banquet i was really really really pissed with a few kids. They made Clié chase them, but they were so much faster then her and no matter how fast she ran, she could not catch up with them even after falling over several times while trying to run faster then she can. They then laughed at her, taunt her, keep pointing their fingers at her with the “ha ha ha, you can’t catch us! ha ha ha…”. As her father, i could not stand it, it was not fair, how could she ever catch them!

I know they are just having kids play, but they are laughing at my little girl, my little girl! and worst still when Clié is laughing along with them! I tried pulling her away, but she still wanted to play with them! I pulled her away! I could not stand it, they were laughing at my little girl.

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  1. Wow. What a protective father. I wouldn’t know how it’ll feel when my kid is being laughed at because I’ve not have one. But, from what I know, it’s not nice at all.

  2. aiyah so sweet ah (applause!)! i don’t know what it feels like to be a parent lah but i think clie’s blessed to have parents that care so much for her! and she looks so sweet it makes me feel so old! :)

  3. its not the name that matters… its the skill, send her to meet bai mei to learn the ‘swifty legs over the water’ move and she will surpass her enemies like an eagle crushing a snake.

  4. What makes my heart glow is neither of clie gettin jeered or you being protective of her but the fact that clie can laugh along with them!

    It’s just show what a great sport she is, even from a tender age. A sure sign she will grow up to be a beautiful person on the outside, and on the inside. And she will kick some major butt one day.

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