at home


We are now really parents of 2. The whole day revolves around these 2 persons. From bathing them, to changing their nappies, from picking up their toys to participating in playing with them to recreate a mess. Okay, thats only Clié.

Today Clié had a bad bruise on her forehead. She was very excited, i forgot about what, then she turned her body so quickly and bumped into the corner of the wall. That followed by some persistent crying. “ZAM BUK” is her best friend, she always gets to have alot of it applied to her multitude of bruises regularly. And i thought i was active.


They look so peaceful… we feel so peaceful…

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  1. awww…that is a really heart-warming sight~! How time flies! Cleo looks diff from the moment she came into this world!

    Parents, you’re da GreATeST!

    (‘ ‘,)

  2. the last time I was standing near the wall and turned my head really fast.. there was blood. I still have the scar on my forehead eventhough it has been more than 12 years since it happened.

    cleo is cute. :D Really different from the first few photos.

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