Today’s Coffee

^ The Scarlet Hotel

Dezzo and Hazel brought Pearl and I to The Scarlet Hotel at Maxwell area today. We were supposed to have coffee there, but apparently the café opens at 7pm. So anyway, we walked down to Keong Siak and settled at Whatever… The Bookstore & Cafe.

The guy who served us was a Greek Australian who was working in Singapore. How cool… I think Singapore is a true metropolitan city.

Its been so long since Pearl and I had coffee with friends, the very last one was just last saturday when we chilled out with Olyna and Adrian till pass mid-night.

Coffee, friends, chill out… I wish we all could have more of that. (i’m speaking on behalf of all the young parents who have 2 kids and above!)

Here are the details of the places mentioned.

The Scarlet Hotel
33 Erskine Rd
Singapore 069333
T: 65367156

Whatever… The Bookstore & Cafe
20 Keong Saik Rd
Singapore 089127
T: 62240300

780 Up Serangoon Rd #01-07
Singapore 534649
T: 62805026

4 Replies to “Today’s Coffee”

  1. hey there. it’s the cousin in the states. just wanted to check in cuz we haven’t spoken in a while. know it’s been some time, but congrats on the lil one :-). haha, seems like two’s gonna be a handful. hope everything turns out well and if you’re not all that busy (haha, doubt it, with two kids), come visit! i bet the kids will have a blast with mickey & co.

    that’s all for now. toodles.

  2. oh boy, u really just said my wish … more coffee, frens and chill out .. i haven had any of these for 2 yrs ….

  3. whatever … it seems very new agey though. The whole “release-your-inner-soul” thing was abit too much for me to take. The atmosphere was quite something but my main lament were the sky-high prices! :)

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