Grapevine Newbies


We (Jon, Anne, Pearl and myslef) brought Agnes and Andrea down to Grapevine since they were in our area. We ordered the usual.. the Frappuccinos, the Brownie, etc…

We played the movie game where we all tried to name a movie starting with a certain alphabet and we used the word “Grapevine”. When we were deep into the game and when everyone seemed to blank out, some funny movie titles were blurted out. The funniest was when we were at “V” Agnes said “The Violinist” what she had in mind was “The Pianist”. haha… Also having not known the movie “The Royal Tenenbaums“, i thought it was “The Royal Tiger Balm”. haha…

Ok, so thats 2 night in a row of Grapevine. Jon and Anne actually reserved seats for the following night, cuz they will be watching Chelsea vs Liverpool there on the big screen. So thats 3 nights in a row of Grapevine for them. I believe we will be going again next week.

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  1. Nick, personal thot abt domestic helper…just my 2 cents:

    Coming from the perspective of a domestic helper. While many of us demand them to take good care of the house and kids, are we demanding ourselves to do the same? Just bec we pay them $500 a month, should we expect them to fulfill everything we laid out for them?

    If we need to chill out so that we can get away from work stress and baby cries/whines, how much more would our domestic helpers, who are usually much younger and unmarried these days, need it?

    I guess many have exploited the domestic helpers… Let’s be fair to them as well…

  2. Nick, I have complete faith in Pearl and you that you guys will do right things…no question for that! I just felt compelled to speak my mind on the many exploitation cases of domestic helpers in Singapore! I thank God for the blessings He has and will continue to bestow on your family! Be sure to count them one by one!! :) Cheers!

  3. YC, of cause we should not “exploit” them. We do understand their position and even encourage them to write letters back home, etc.. we even make her call home and pay for her phone call back to her family, cuz she does not seem to need/want to call/write home.

    I’m glad God blessed us with a very responsible maid who has good experience with kids, she even have a 5 year old daughter when she joined us. I reckon it must be really hard to leave your family to go to another country to work, if i had the choice i would not go, but if i was from her country and her culture, i don’t know what my decision would be.

    I do agree with you that many people have too high expectation for their domestic helps, cuz they are still human and to demand them of something which we ourselves cannot achieve is plain ridiculous. For our case, we don’t demand too much from her. As long the kids are safe, healthy and feed, thats the most important. There are nights where i see her mopping the floor past midnight and i have to tell her to stop and go and sleep. There are some clothes that does not need ironing and i have to tell her not to iron (come on no one irons socks and underwear even if you have the time). Pearl & I feel tired for her, but somehow she keeps saying that its okay. I mean she is with us for 3 months already, and she have yet to simmer down the “initial hardworking zeal”.

    But Pearl & I really have to thank God for our maid, cuz she is really good with our kids as she have patience with them and that allows us to sometimes take time off to socialise with our friends and to keep sane in our fast paced society. I’m glad we can bring the kids to church once a week, cuz its good interaction with other kids for them… I think that goes same for our maid too…

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