I saw this poster at the notice board at the lift lobby today. The funny thing is that, thats my hand holding that bottle of Newater. You can see the actual picture from here.

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  1. There are serious copyright issues here. You really shoud bring it up with the organisation! The ad agency that used your photo should have asked for your permission at least.

    If I were you, I will ring up the organisation and ask to speak to the publicity dept. Tell the person who ok-ed the ad that it’s your photo, and the ad agency didn’t speak with you…. See what they say!

  2. oo. even they patronise ur blog. hehe.
    the decision lies with you as to whether u wanna ask them for a “fee”. ^-^
    well, u r a great photographer!

  3. Dude, you should totally ask the Town Council or whoever is in charge of this “educational tour” how they got your photo and hamtam them for not getting your permission first. Govt like to kao beh kao bu about how piracy is like stealing which is so wrong — and then got govt agencies do this sort of thing. Hmph.

  4. Ha! Watch out next time where you point the camera .. maybe they will get your feet next for a foot massage treatment!

  5. dude… if you can prove beyond douth that THAT’s YOUR hand, you are entitled to image fees. How I know, I do this for a living bro. I do this for a living!

  6. Oh wow… you’re famous!! A palm model, at least you should feel happy. Well, I would.. if that was me.. ask PUB if you could have like one years’ suuply of NeWater or maybe like discounts on the bill??? Argh.. I’m soo soo jealous now…

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