Aquarama 2005


Never quite understand the fish tank and fish hobby thingy… but my brother David loves it and its even his business. He was exhibiting there and i was quite amazed by what an industry it is. He deal mainly with lights for marine fish tanks. Apparently Corals can only live in salt water and also at a controlled temperature with proper lighting, hence its way more advanced than a fresh water tank. Very complex…

Anyway the event was over the weekend at Aquarama 2005 in Singapore Expo and visitors had to pay $8 to get in. WOW! kinda lke watching a movie already.

So when the event ended, we had to move all the stuff into my Dad’s van and it was no joke! Imagine moving a few fish tank and many big fish tank lights out from expo and into the industrial area nearby where he parked the car. And one trip was not enough, i think we took at least 3 to 4 trips.

Anyway… it was fun. an interesting experience.

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  1. Does your brother have a shop somewhere? Because I am currently looking for a light set-up for my 4ft tank. =)

  2. When “Finding Nemo” was out in the theatres abt 2 years ago, Aquarama attracted loads of kids.

    It’s pretty much an event every year… I’m there most of the time. My dad exhibits his discus there.

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