Audrey’s Salon

Last sunday, i went for the opening of Audrey’s Salon at Sembawang and boy was a it nice place. Audrey is my friend’s gf and she have been a hair stylist in several well known hair salons in Singapore for about 10 years now, so with her skills and experience, its really time for her to have her own salon.

Here is Audrey cutting the very first customer in her Salon… ME! After i paid, i still got an invoice # 00001 WOW! This is history in the making.

This is another lucky customer that got his hair cut by Audrey on her opening.

I don’t really know how to judge hairstylists, but what i can say is that i usually will leave hair salons 1. regretting having a haircut, 2. feeling nice for 1 day and hating my hair after 2 days… But after about slightly more than a week after having my hair cut by Audrey, i still feel my hair is still quite nice.

If you need a hair cut do give Audrey’s Salon a try. Its along Sembawang Rd, its at where Upp Thomson ends and where Sembawang Rd starts, its also just opposite Nee Soon Camp. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Audrey much success in her new business and may she have so many good customers and regulars that she will become real famous in Singapore one day.

Photos by Case Woo.

Audrey’s Salon
56 Sembawang Rd #01-04
Singapore 779086
Tel: 64581200

6 Replies to “Audrey’s Salon”

  1. i did the interior design! =) i’m so happy it’s up on your site. audrey’s a really experienced stylist! i hope she becomes really famous too!

  2. congratulations to christina: the interior design is really very nice indeed! to nick: the site is up timely! to case woo: the photos are very well taken!… audrey has the potential to become famous. so let us give her our support and blessing.

  3. Ya i must say Audrey is really a very experienced & sweet hair stylist. i am staying just opposit her salon, my mum & i decided to give it a try during my R.O.M. i was really impressed with the result!
    Not only that, she came 1 hour earlier prior to the opening hour just to help me style our hair. am really touched. i hope she become famous soon too!!!

  4. well.. i stay near the salon, but i’ve never been there. walked in for look today, and googled her shop’s name and here i am! and i must say, i’m really inspired to go there now after reading all these great comments about her place. rest assured if i like it, she’ll get my 100% support! :):)

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