4 Replies to “Clié goes to scool”

  1. thats a gr8 shot nick – i guess clie’s real use to posing – it comes so naturally ;) she’s growing up so quickly!!!!

    glad she’s adapting well to the school environment – think ur right – interacting at church probably helped her blend with with her new friends.

    Ps. saw e old shot of u guys in yest. paper – thought it was cleo – but soon realised it was clie hee hee.

    have a great yr ahead!

  2. Hi Pearl
    This is Ai Ling, it is nice to see you and your family’s pictures.
    Think your girl is so lovely – look so much like u two..

  3. o man

    i remember my first day of school

    wait no

    actually i dont

    but i do recall having to do the pledge of allegiance and nap time

    hope everything’s going well

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