Ixus 60

We were talking about how sad it was that i lost our camera and the worst part is that there will be bits of our children’s lives that will go undocumented. Worst still when i just realise that it is possible to post videos online via youtube (i should so do it).

We were just walking around in Parkway and decided to take a peek into Harvey Norman… next thing you know Pearl decided that we should be several hundred dollars poorer, but several megapixels visually more powerful.

The white Nikon Coolpix L3 is a real beauty and was real tempting at $399, but AA batts were just out of the question. A Ixus 60 it was.

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  1. I am a fan of the Canon Ixus series… I still own the Ixus 330 and pictures are always fantastic from it. How this Ixus 60? I didn’t hear about this model before.

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