Clié’s First Skate Session

Clié Pan's Fisrt Skate Session

During the long weekend we brought Clié and Chloe to skate at East Coast. This was the first time they are skating and i’m quite proud that Clié covered about 3 meters herself.


We started by decking them out in their $7/hr gear and i think they were all quite excited about it.


Clié was slightly afraid at first, but knowing that skating or Lu-Lu as what my grandma usually calls it is classified under having “fun” so she was excited too..


They had to first learn how to fall.


Knees to the ground then palms to the ground.


My dad and i tried holding them, but they kept leaning on us, so we tried to let go and let them try to balance themselves.


Do go check out the video below.

11 Replies to “Clié’s First Skate Session”

  1. Hi Nick, can I check wif you how did u put up your video clip? My sis tried to do it but the file occupies the half a screen & take a long time to load.

  2. I used there is a help option at the top right fo the screen that provides all neccessary instructions. :)

  3. Ai yo….should wear helmets and full gears no matter how good you are….skate smart!!! I have seen expert skater fall and slip into coma because of skull fracture!

  4. Three years old, and Clie can already stand and move around on roller blades.

    Twenty years old, and yet Brenda can barely stand on blades without her knees buckling.

    *Is ashamed*

    Clie looks adorable on blades, as always! :P

  5. Oh sooooo cute :)
    You must be so proud ;)
    I was like 10 before I could rollerblade! hahahaha

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