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When you have kids, you wanna spend time with them. When you have money, you don’t wanna spend them. But what can you do if you wanna spend time, yet not spend money? You can make stuff for them to play with. introducing Nick Pan’s Custom Slippers.

Ingredients: Cardboard, Masking Tape, Scissors.

Custom Slippers


  1. Make outline of feet on cardboard
  2. Cut out shape
  3. Place feet on cardboard and add masking tape with sticky part facing upwards and wrap the feet
  4. Apply again masking tape with sticky side covering sticky side
  5. Add extra support on potential stress areas at base of slippers
  6. Apply kid
  7. See smiles
  8. Feel like a good and accomplish parent

Custom Slippers Close Up

30 mins for 2 pairs and 3 hours of them loving it and walking around the house with it. I wonder what we should do next.

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  1. I’ll have to make a pair!

    I wonder if I can make more rugged ones with rubber sheets, nylon strap, and epoxy?

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