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One of my proudest work so far was launched early this month. U21Global is an online university and the concept of attending a university while not physically attending it kinda got to at the start, but after really understanding how education should be, i think online education have really many advantages as compared to traditional unis.

With only that many hours you have per week, how can one take on post grad studies part time? I mean like if you travel to class after work (with most times not having a proper dinner), then travel home from there again… its just too tiring… where got time to do homework / project work, etc… most likely it will all end up like going thru the motion to get that expensive piece of paper.

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But if education was done online, i reckon time spent on the actual learning might be more effective. You see if you ask a question in the lecture hall… the lecturer will just reply you on the spot, at times with out reference, at times not well reserached. But if you asked a question online in a class forum, then the lecturer might will have to give a real solid reply as everything is recorded & others can also absorb in the answer… However, that would also mean the intial question would have to be a good question, else the entire class would think you are an idiot.

There was a subject i did back in Uni which was conducted via the internet and we had to do our work online. Submit answers online, participate in discussions online and everything was graded there. Materials were also all online and that really started me seriously researching and wanting to provide a solid submission. Cuz now, not only is my lecturer seeing my work, so are my classmates.

Anyway… this 300+ page website was fully hand coded & if you take a look at the drop down menu systems, you will apprecaite how easy it will be to maintain this site.

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  1. Wow! Fabulous looking site. Clean, fresh…. you must have great clients to work with on this project… progressive to say the least!

    Actually, I also feel online is better way to study, especially the model you described here.

    I mean, how often do you solve real life problems by sitting in a lecture or multiple choice?

    This way, you work on the cases with people from all over the world, and as you said with considered responses from your fellow classmates and faculty. An unlike a traditional B&M Class where a few ppl dominate, there is equal participation in this format….

    Anyway, congrats! Great website!

  2. wow kewl, nice usage of the logo’s breakage in the layout.

    in fact, the company i am working in right now, was doing this project some time back, years ago i think, to pitch for the revamp.

    congrats on getting the site launched. :D

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