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I’ve recently expeirenced the power of writing. This power is so prevalent that i had to find out more about it, hence finished these 2 books recently.

The Art of Writing AdvertisingThe Art of Writing Advertising : Conversations with Masters of the Craft: David Ogilvy, William Bernbach, Leo Burnett, Rosser Reeves

Its quite powerful to read about the legends of the past, way before internet, way before pagemaker, way before computers. A good concept can be so powerful and the whole idea of effective communication via a simple ad headline is really something amazing. Now we’re are not talking about good english here, we are talking about pure communication. Its a very good book on the insights of the great writers.

Clueless in AdvertisingClueless in Advertising

As i classify myself being in the internet industry, advertising have never been a major part of my work. But of late, it seems that building a website is no longer just about HTML, Javascript, CSS, W3c, etc… Theres a need for a big idea, a marketing idea, an underlying statement, an effective comunication concept. And with all these new stuff, i was thrown new jargons as well. So Clueless in Advertising was a good book to start me off.

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