The Art of Juggling

I saw a very beautiful juggling act on TV recently & it was mesmerising. The juggler had a few rings to start of with and did the basic juggle, he started picking up the momentum and it started to get real entertaining. The number of variations he did was amazing, the creativity, the usage of his environment, breaking away from the norm… at some point I literally had goose pimples and my eyes were glued to the TV set.

He started adding more rings… he could still juggle… he added more rings… and you could see the variations starting to take a nose dive. At some point… it was really about keeping all the rings in the air… no more variations… it was only about how many more rings can be added till he start dropping the rings.

Immediately that made me think of my situation… the number of projects i had to juggle… am i still doing interesting and creative things? or have i reached the stage of just keeping things in the air and not letting them hit the ground? hmm… such is work… Now throw in wife, kids, parents, my own passion in things, church… etc… something will give soon if i don’t manage it well…

Anyway, enough of the emo talk. Here’s an extreme juggling act to keep you entertained.

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  1. yah.. i know, you do look that you’ve many things weighing on your shoulders lately. i hope you’ll be able to find some quiet time for yourself and God. You don’t have to juggle God, God will help you juggle your life. I like this verse very much when life gets too noisy.. ” Be STILL and know that I AM GOD” and then everything is fine :)

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