Boynq D’light USB LED Light

Boynq D’Light
Boynq D’Light

Its so difficult to find a decent USB LED light for my laptop. I’ve shopped at a few Mac shops, Funan, Takashimaya, misc small shops and finally Sim Lim Square.

During my hunt, i found Boynq’s D’Light the most beautiful of the lot and i found it at Takashimaya. However with its excellent design, i did not buy it. The problem was with the shade. I can’t possibly put the entire thing in my bad, most likely the shade will break. So i ended up buying a $8 basic simple flexible black coloured neck simple LED light from Sim Lim.

So if you’re wondering why i need this at all… its because i luv my wife and would like to switch off the lights in the bedroom when she is snoozing away. As i still need to be able to view the keyboard properly, hence the nifty device.

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  1. work in the living room/kitchen instead? but yours is a desktop aye? abit hard to shift around.

    were you at far east square at around 2pm today (15th june, friday)? i saw someone like you, walking with a iced drink in his hands.

  2. I agree, since you are using a laptop, you can work anywhere you want, be it the living room or dining room or even the toilet. Better still if you have a wireless broadband connection. Or you could get a keyboard with backlighted keys, such as those from Logitech.

  3. nick, i got the same problem as you lor, as much as bringing work to the bedroom while my wife is sleeping, i try not to. not healthy to have work cohabitat with sleep…plus those soft tapping scrolling clicking may be noisy as well. well anyway, i ended up working late in the studyroom and land myself in the living room to snooze.

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