Geek Dinner

Dinner at Geek Terminal with Navin and Agnes
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Its been a long time since we spent time with Navin and Agnes and we finally made a point to meet up for dinner in between everyones’ busy schedule.

It was dinner at Geek Terminal as it was still a new place and we’ve all never been there for a meal before. Although half of the place was closed up for an event, we still managed to get comfy seats and a decent meal.

The girls chatted away at i’m not sure what, but since there was wifi, i showed Navin how to use wordpress and also how paypal works. I’ve so wanted to show him for the longest time already and i’m glad we finally managed to get that done.

Geek Terminal
55 Market Street, #01-01
Singapore 048941
Tel: +65 6344 4547
Nearest Carpark: Golden Shoe Carpark
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place MRT

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