This Girl of Mine

my girl

This is the most difficult person in my house… and i love her so so much.

I’ve come to understand that we can’t go against her, we can’t disagree with her, we can’t make her do things that she does not want to do, eat things that she does not want to eat. Its difficult.

What a character… Just like me. :)

5 Replies to “This Girl of Mine”

  1. Hi Hi Hi go and watch every thursday night NANNY 911. It will help you alot but you need to be very very strict on this.

  2. well, compromise and strike in between, atleast you still get to do the things you like….to certain level.

    make a comparision among her peers, focus on the things which you would like her to do which her peers are doing and folllow with the reasoning of doing so.

    Sometimes, an outsider may be effective in convincing her the ways you would want her to do cos her mindset could have been shut totally.

    hope this helps……….

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