Popout 07

Popout 07 Zopim
^ www.zopim.com

I tried to get as many people i knew to go to for Popout 07 and managed to get Ken and Mike to come along. I’m glad we went as we definitely learned a few things that night.

I was a bit late, but managed to still get a sit and to my surprise i sat beside Claudia (her post about popout here) whom i knew from the net.

There were few presentations and i particularly liked www.zopim.com and Bookjetty.

Zopim’s idea is very simple and their implementation is also simple and elegant. I’ve cut and paste below their about us page, better let them explain whats its all about.

What is ZopIM?
ZopIM is the next generation sales Instant Messaging platform that will be FREE and EASILY DEPLOYED on any website.

Why is ZopIM free? You kidding?
No, we are not kidding. For too long Enterprise-level Instant Messaging tools have been cost-prohibitive for the Joe/Jane on the street and Consumer-level IM services are not equipped for sales.

Who needs ZopIM?
Anyone & everyone who sells their products or services over the internet. ZopIM helps you keep track of leads, provide customer support and INCREASE SALES CONVERSION without paying a dime/cent/yen/Euro/yuan/rupiah (you get the idea).

If you need to provide your clients online chat support, look no further.

Popout 07 Bookjetty
^ Bookjetty

BookJetty is by the talented and humble Herryanta Siatona. His idea is also very simple, take Amazon’s book listing, put it beside your fave library’s listings and you are off to a book fest. Buy or loan, its totally up to you.

BookJetty is user-friendly book cataloging system to keep track of the books you have read, currently reading or want to read. You can tag, rate and review your books, show your book list on your blog, share your catalog and meet friends.

You can also check your books availability in your local libraries seamlessly. It currently integrates with about 300 libraries worldwide. So you can borrow from the libraries to save money, or buy from Amazon.com if you feel like it. You no longer have to manually swap between the Amazon.com and the library catalog.

Popout 07 Mozilla

Gen Kanai from Mozilla then made the final presentation. Other then a sneak peek of features in the next version of Firefox, he also shared with all abit of what Firefox is about and commented on each of the presentations of the night.

It was a good night and after that went with Mike and his friend Niel for a simple subway dinner while sitting outside City Hall MRT.

I wonder when is the next web related event like this. Looking at people excelling in their field really motivates me to want to do good work.

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