Japan 08 – Day 3

When I opened my eyes, first thing I did was open the blinds and look out at urban Tokyo. Its beautiful in an urban jungle kind of way. Looking out of our 27th floor room, the view of Tokyo’s Urban landscape reminded me of Ultraman, Godzilla and the likes.

Nice hotel matched up with a nice breakfast, we were all set to go to explore more of Japan. First stop Tokyo Tower.

On the way.

Its quite hard to take a picture with the Tokyo Tower as it dwarfs you at 330meters, dunno how come, but somehow I ended up taking photos for almost everyone on the group.

Its kinda hard to take a photo with something thats way way way taller than you. So the simple solution is aim and shoot a few times. I think i’m getting better at taking pictures for myself.

Asakura Shrine was our next stop. We are not big on shrines, but still the stories our tour guide shared with us about the place made it all interesting. After a few photos, we ventured out and ended up buying Starbucks and checking out a nearby supermarket.

Here is Pearl very happy with her Starbucks.

What surprised me was the usage of grid design even on an average building. Just look at how everything lines up neatly. I can’t take it… its just too correct.

Its lunch time and we headed for The Ramen Museum in Yokohama. Iím not big on Ramen, I mean its just noodles right, but the super old setup made the whole place interesting.

Its very touristy but come to think about it, we are tourists. lol…

The Stadium in Yokohama.

Redbricks was next, it’s a designer furnishing place, mixed with unique gift type shops. I got myself a mechanical pencil which looked like a normal pencil and got a green tea float with green tea ice cream yummy. Now why didn’t I take a picture of it.

Chinatown was not that interesting as we stayed there for less than an hour and one big feature about the place was the gigantic ‘paus’ (chinese steam buns). We had lunch not too long ago, so donít have any appetite to eat any of the super big and expensive paus.

When we were about to leave, i was lucky enough to catch 2 different Volkswagen Golf together. Way cool.

Next stop would be our Hotel near Mt Fuji area, so we took the Tomei Expressway and the 2+ hour drive gave me time to type out my blog on the coach.

While walking to our room, we saw a beautiful site. Green blinking lights at the corner of the corridor… There is WIRELESS!! Finally, i can upload some stuff.

This night, we managed to Skype with our kids with the help of my brother. We IMed them photos of disneyland and even told them we met Cinderella. They were all excited.

We do miss them dearly, but also felt like this honeymoon was much needed. So maybe we’ll bring them next time.

Dinner was good, the night was comfortable. Day 3 was fun. Many more days to go. gd night… Zzz…

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