Real Friends

“Friends” is such a loose term. We all have friends. Some have more then others. Some we classify as people we come across in our different life stages. Some we classify as people in our community. Some we classify as true friends. We are comfortable hanging out more with some. We have more things to talk about with some.

My whole life I thought I’m an introvert, did not like talking to new people, did not like trying to be someone i’m not. Subconsciously, I retreated myself into my comfort zone. No one will judge me there, no one will have undue expectations from me, no one will think badly of me of things that I did or did not do.

This comfort zone grew. Slowly I can see similar people in similar comfort zones. People who are real, people whom i’m comfortable to share my comfort zone with. Slowly I come to realise this is my circle of true friends.

I started noticing that there are people who are outside of this circle.

What should i do with them? How should I change myself? Or should I?

6 Replies to “Real Friends”

  1. Be yourself. There’s just no way or enough time to keep changing to be someone you are not just so you can be around people.

    Fact is, either you enjoy being with them as yourself, or you don’t. Well just some personal experience from someone who’s a somewhat introvert.

  2. Do nothing about them. This is life. You have the group of people you click with, and the group of people you don’t click with. You don’t have to change yourself to increase the boundary of the circle of people that click with you.

    People can know a lot of people, but essentially only need that important few to survive. And you’ve already found that essential person in Pearl. :)

  3. “LOVE”…

    when we can understand and experience love of the purest that is of God, then i guess we will find our answer to your question and be comfortable in whatever enviroment we are in :)

  4. I totally know what you mean by real friends! Being so active in online communities has made me come to realize how scary “friends” can be.

    You’re an introvert meh? Probably to the “shy” quiet type right? :P

  5. Live and let live. They hv their lives, happy or sad, life goes on with or without their presence in yours. Moments when you thought you guys were friends are the best they can be.

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