He opens his eyes and switches off the alarm before it sounds and disturbs.

He washes up and puts on clothes that let others feel confident about him. The mirror tells him its another challenging day that won’t kill him.

He leaves home and goes to the place where he gets bread for the family.

He is passionate, he is creative. He is 100 percent confident. Supportive and encouraging words are always nice.

When he is with himself, he reflects. When he is by himself, he longs for his loved ones.

What is his next big project? What will he conquer next?

He likes to be with his family, yet he had a record of working long hours.

The day turns into night. He stops all work.

He comes home, settles down, cleans up and gets changed.

He gets back into bed.

He smiles at her. He gives her a kiss.

Daddy whispers into mommy’s ear.

I love you.

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