Zoo April 09

Cleo at Singapore Zoo

Went to the Singapore Zoo with kids and this time the highlights was not animals, but the new water play area.

Clié at Singapore Zoo

Its a good sized place with places for parents to chill out under good shade, with KFC and Ben & Jerry’s just beside, its a good place to chill while the kids go hysterical and get baked in the wonderful tropical sun.

Cleo at Singapore Zoo

I could not catch up with Clié as she was running about and playing with her cousin, hence spent most of my time shooting Cleo.

Really wonder what is Cleo is thinking about as she goes about exploring. Maybe she is thinking why is daddy taking photos and not playing with her. hmm… only come to think of this while writing this post.

Cleo at Singapore Zoo

She saw mommy enjoying sort of a massage some time ago by letting falling water fall on the shoulders. Here the little lady imitates well and seems to be enjoying it.

3 Replies to “Zoo April 09”

  1. nice pics. the gals look liked they had a ball :) cute that cleo’s imitating pearl ;) hehe

  2. I think Cleo’s actually fine playing alone and not wondering why you’re capturing special moments. Haha. She seems to be that kinda cool kid.

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