We meet all sorts of people in our journey of life. Relatives not by choice, friends from school when we were young, colleagues our bosses employed from work who are part of our team, random people online we get to associate with via our circle of friends, family that we settle down into.

When we spend long periods of time with people, bonds become stronger, trust grows, our emotional investments matters. These bonds slowly become part of our life these bonds slowly become part of who we are.

2009 is such a year of change. I changed company after 3 years of intense good work with great people, I changed the way I treat my God given wife after 11 years of marriage, I’m even in a phase of changing church after being there for 15 years.

It’s not easy. It’s not easy. Not easy all.

But looking foward, new bonds will be made, new experiences will be added to memory. The past will be cherished.

2009 will be a year to be remembered.

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  1. hvnt been blogging much so also didn’t read ur blog much heeheee…Change is inevitable so it’s always better to make good changes :)

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