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Project Management ToolMy job revolves around web design and development projects. And in my role its my job to manage resources and ensure the timely delivery of all projects for our clients according to the brief and within the allocated budget.

I have to say it is challenging to be able to know the status of every single project at any one time and to be able to plan resources elegantly so that everyone can have a life other then work + keep weekends drastically different from weekdays. I have to admit I depend alot on putting things down on paper or digitally on the web cuz i’ve got a terrible memory.

So of late, i’ve been dabbling with more tools out there and methodologically going thru the Comparison of project management software list on wikipedia.

I’ve used MS Project, a mix of solutions from MS Office, 37 Signal’s Basecamp, Google Docs, Wikis, etc… But i’ve yet to find one that is perfect for what i’m looking for which is a good marriage of project management and resource management.

If you’ve got experience to share and killer apps to recommend, do share and comment on this post. Thanks.

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  1. Hi Nick,

    I can only commiserate. I’m in the process of managing project teams in a number of locations for numerous different streams of development and test on my project. We’re now into the final furlong and I’m desperate to ensure everyone gets at least a day off a week to recuperate. Microsoft Project is a rather blunt tool in this respect and I’m now reduced to using diaries and bits of paper.

    So if you come across anything which does a better job, please can you let me know?

    You know when I was learning many years ago how to write a project plan I never thought years later I’d be fiddling around with bits of paper trying to create useful project resource scheduling!


    Susan de Sousa
    Site Editor

  2. I was in your shoes weeks ago, ran through every page of pm-sherpa and wiki on this topic.

    Eventually, bought the corporate edition of ActiveCollab, $499 usd. Aint cheap, but it solves this whole project management thing, somehow.

    MS Project, still use it basically to present it during the 1st planning stage, but eventually i realise things dont get done still.

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