I rather fail at something I love

I would rather fail at something I love then to be successful at something I hate
Photo Credit to derekgh

What do you love? What motivates you daily to take on the challenge of tomorrow? What makes you try and try again without the slightest clue of when you will ever succeed?


These are just letters strung together and called words.

What do you have to show for what you love? But then again, why is there a need to show anything for what you truly love.

This video Freeling really captures this love very well.


Freeling from Andrew Lovgren on Vimeo.

One Reply to “I rather fail at something I love”

  1. I could hardly understand the qoutes, would you not be happy if the things you hate most fortunately it would be successful..in my own thoughts i would rather be happy as well because despite of the hindrances the feelings of hating it and in the end i did it successfully.mmmm…

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