I awake as the sun rises from the east and like clockwork, the music of life plays in the background and I wonder what I’ll do today. Will I be doing the same as I did yesterday? Should I go out and do something epic today? No matter what, everyday is an adventure. I got ready for the day, grabbed my gear and left home.

As I make my way to the place I call work, I look around and soak in the beauty of life. The grass, the tress, the clouds, the sky. The serendipitous face to face meetings of people whom I don’t know with names that are a string of alphabets that were given much thought at some point. They too are on their way to wherever they are going. Its not me to question the path that they are taking, as like me, I believe they too have a rich story in life where their yesterdays made them who they are today, hence the possibly unrelated choice of what they will do tomorrow.

As I settled down, I toil away at my daily duties.

Toiling… toiling… toiling away…

My mind drifted away and the nagging thoughts of the possibilities that I could do with my life gnawed my brain away in unproductive nibbles. Maybe I can be somewhere else today. Maybe I can travel the world. Maybe I can be a world renowned architect. Maybe I can forge a new friendship with a total stranger today. Maybe I’ll regret not achieving any of these before the day ends.

Maybe If I started my life again, I could become another person. Maybe if the people I knew were different, I might not be doing what I’m doing today.

Stop dreaming! I told myself. I need to focus on the life I have and make the best of it. Life is short, time is short, no need to be doing mental summersaults knowing that nothing much will change even If I had the most intense of thoughts.

Back to amassing stuff in life.

Toiling… toiling… toiling away…

Its getting late, I gotta work tomorrow, I log out of Minecraft and join my wife in bed who was fast asleep already three hours ago.

Maybe I’ll start another life on another server tomorrow.

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