A story behind each life

After a good 3 months back in Singapore, I spent quite a few brain cells on my parent’s business. Its not that I am an experienced business person or that I am extremely involved in the business, but just contemplating that business itself can be a stage to show ones character.

Having parents who are business people, somehow I have been brainwashed to have a management view on business ever since I can remember. My dad always preached that I should give salary and not take salary, I should tell people what to do and not do it myself. But after all these years I am still toying with this concept.

A staff can be viewed as a record in the HR database, but so can a customer, a supplier, a friend, a person. But behind each person there is a story… a story that is only told in that person’s life. A story that might bore the living daylights out of you, but it’s a story that is most personal and very heart warming to that individual.

I feel guilty knowing people just as a face, just as a name, just as a person whom I can’t even remember their name 5mins after introduction. But is that how things are? Or should I be more sincere? hmm…

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