Our New Flat

Just before Pearl and I came back to Perth, we paid for the first 10% of our flat at Punggol East. The last time when we went to the actual site, our block was only 2 storey high. It should be ready by mid 2003.

We also went to HDB Centre to take pictures of the models of our flat, pretty cool eh.

10 Replies to “Our New Flat”

  1. congretes…..for getting your new place…..
    well…when you get back to singapore, you would have a things to look forward to……

  2. pearl and nick, im so envious. i’ve plans to take a break from work after i finish serving this part of my scholarship bond, then after that i want to do graduate school, but the thought of spending the money and wondering how i’ll survive is very worrisome… how do the both of u support your lifestyle???

  3. Both Pearl & I Have been working for 3 Years already, so we kinda have some money…. not to mention CPF. Now in Perth, i’m working as a part-time web-designer also… so kinda okay.

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