We are murderers

You and I, we are all murderers. We are worst than all those who instigated massacres on innocent and helpless people on an epic proportion. We are not only going to cause the end of one life, but we are all going to be the murderers of the entire human species.

Just by living on planet earth alone, our futures have been foretold. The sun will not go on burning forever, Jupiter might not catch all the stuff thrown at us and who knows what other ways are we going to come to an end of our legacy.

What should we do, to avoid the next cataclysmic event? What are we doing at all now? Are we just going to allow ourselves to be caught up with pointless achievements that is not in anyway going to contribute to the avoidance of our own extinction? If we aren’t doing anything, than we are just watching the downfall of man.

Take for example, you are standing on the track of a railway and its certain that a train will be coming soon. You can choose to worry about where your next meal is going to come from, you can worry about how people might look at you, you can worry about how fat you are, you can even worry if God is real. But if you are going to just continue standing on that track, the inevitable end will happen and by then, I’m sorry, all I can say is you could have got off the track but you didn’t.

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  1. wah mon, very deep stuff! could you re-explain what this means in the context of why? or what spurred you to write this? I am intrigued! :)

  2. I saw this program “Space” http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/space/spaceguide/space_prog/index.shtml

    Part I talked about the inevitable end of life on Earth because of factors such as the death our Sun, black holes tearing our planet up, comets hitting earth, etc…

    Part II challenged us humans and explored what WE can do and what we are doing to ensure the survival of mankind.

    When you think about it… what are you & I really doing about it?

    If we want to put God into the formula as from the example I gave about you standing on a railway track. That means we believe and know that our father will do something before the train hits us. He might get us off the track, he might stop the train, he stop the train to give us time to get off the track… the possibilities are endless. But if we are going to stand there and ignore our ability to move away, then I think that is just ignorance.

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