MAWA Revamp


For four full days i’ve been doing up this site thats why i’m not on IRC, nor doing any other thing. This is the first time i am using small little 16 x 16 pixel icons and i find it does make a site look somewhat cooler. Do check it out and give me some ideas how the site can still be improved.

13 Replies to “MAWA Revamp”

  1. it is very well donez!!!

    It looks nice in I.E. too bad I can’t check it out with netscape. *using my friend’s laptop* :P

  2. it looks like it suits it.

    real corporate and professional looking! great job man…

    and now onto vr’s….. hehe

  3. dude, it looks great – think about the changing the brown brown though, mebbe I’m just not into brown colours for certain schemes.

  4. GUY & Amos : I checked it out in Mozilla & Netscape liao and its not so good. Might edit it a bit more.

    alfe & daren : thanks. ;D

    ezzo: you gotta gimme a bit more time. now kinda busy. should be a bit more free in 2 days.

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