Working from home

Most of us would think that to be able to work from home is such a luxury, but I’ve come to see the down side of it. If I have a choice now, I would rather work in a better environment than where I’m working from now.

My grandma would complain to me about my maid and my maid would complain to me about my grandma. AS IF I ACTUALLY GIVE A SQUID!! There is no one to talk to as my beloved room mate Pearl is working in my parent’s office. There is no one to lunch with, there is no lunch nearby (I don’t stay in a HDB where there are lots of food downstairs).

Nick! Stop moping, continue to work on your project that is already due and not completed!

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  1. hmm… i was wondering how’d it be like if you lugged your work PC over to your parents office in the meantime permantly- that way you got lotsa company! and possibly somehow obtain freely an unused… gaming/entertainment/relac computer for home use (if you dun wanna lug back and forth).

    I did something like that b4, me and another friend lugging our entire PCs to a friend’s place for a 3 days, 3 nights project, it was quite fun with all the company as well as productive as we helped each other out so much.

  2. er… am I considered as workin in a company? … almost everyday I got differnet bunch of frens comin in to slack… sometimes I would rather work from home. :D haha

  3. heh. my mom has been working from home since I started primary school — working hours are more flexible since there aren’t any :P, but when she works from 5.30am to 3am the next day, no one knows. :(

    i think she has a love-hate relationship with this working from home system. maybe she knows how you feel… 8(

    never mind. think about the BABY! Yay!

  4. LOL i can understand that ! my grandma would complain bt the maid and my grandpa and rant bt the past etc etc.

    Am not staying with my grandma but i do have the intention of moving to her place…

    Dad is also another nag king, so if i were to work from home, it’ll b a hell lot of quarrels between me n him.

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