i can never have that

Even being a very confident, optimistic and self motivated individual, there are things I know I can never have. With each smile I make, the sarcastic knowledge of that never gained lost rings in my mind and like ripples it disrupts the still calmness that I’ve fought so hard to achieve.

There is no answer to the question why, as it was never meant to be. We are each living in our own world with lives that are already in the process of unfolding itself. To spoil it would turn the world upside down, the very thing that we achieved would have to be thrown out.

Each of us have such a thing in our lives and its how we suppress it, control it, ignore it or accept it that lets us answer to ourselves at the end of the day. I hope we can join in prayer to ask God for strength, for wisdom and to take away that anxiety that eats us from inside.

3 Replies to “i can never have that”

  1. It was never gained at all, so it does not matter what it is, it basically never existed… it will never exist… at least never in my inventory of achievements. So why bother defining what it is at all…

    “it” is just… “it”… life is too overwhelming to comprehend.

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