My Clié


The girl’s character is starting to show. Fiesty, Persistent, Focused, Task Oriented, Bold, Pissed, Independent, Analytical, Stubborn… till we find more… but of cause she also have the normal cute and lovely bits too, she is quite a monster, but she is my lovely little monster.

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  1. awww…that’s so sweet. is it tiring to be a parent? i’m still awaiting for the day to come for me. i’m still young though. another 7-10years to come..bahh…

  2. Was your site hacked??? The past few days there was this site name/email with the word ‘hack’ in it… So I tot maybe ur site got hacked… SO wad actually happened???

  3. yeah bro.. someone hacked ur site..
    and pearls.. or the whole webserver.. im guessing it was random attack unless u asked for it..?? Nice to see you back now :-). keep us updated what that exactly was that had ur site offline..

  4. The server got hit, so being one of the users on that server, my sites got hit as well. Its just a deacement, nothing serious. As you can see there is no lost of data.

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