David and Goliath

According to your faith will it be done to you” ~ Matt 9:29

This was the main verse at church last sunday and it really spoke to me at the right time. Pastor talked about David and Goliath, the little boy David who struck down Goliath who was a giant of a man.

At my work, a few huge business plans are ahead of me and thats my Goliath. I too like David have but a mere sling and a few pebbles, a young chap with not much of real battle experience. I think i know the market, i think i know the competition, i think my strategies will work… taking a step up to the battle field… i see the blood bath… am i to survive… expectations are high… my woman and child beckons… “how long will it take?” asks my lady, “daddy what time will you be home?” my child adds…

I wonder… faith… i’ll hold onto my faith…

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