Lights Out


Last night the major blackout allowed our little family to bring out our mattress to sleep in the living room and boy was that an early night for me for a long long time.

We were all quite amused to see people from the opposite block scurrying to get their torches, candles, etc… in a way it was fun, but the only worrying thing was the stuff in the fridge.

Anyway… i think God wanted me to rest early last night… and i got the hint this time.

8 Replies to “Lights Out”

  1. we had tea-lights party at home and i spent the time listening to johnc’s childhood tales…

  2. Received frantic smses from friends crying “end of the world, end of the world… Arghhhh…” Weee… It’s bright on my side of the island :)

  3. ermm hi… i’m just a passerby…

    and oh ya… nick… i’ve been browsing thru ur entire site for days. you’re making me jealous. you one happy man… thats for sure. all the best. cheers.

  4. guess where I was… just finished my 2 hour kickboxing class; hot, sweaty, sticky, smelly… and NOT home. *eww* Lucky power came back half an hour later, so I didn’t have to do a StairMaster workout equating to 46 flights of stairs as well. :)

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