Bangkok Trip 2005

Day 1

Yeah! this was the long awaited Bangkok trip that Pearl and I booked one year ago. Because of our ISH 2003 trip via KrisFlyer points, so just as they were about to expire we used it for this trip.


Upon arriving, we surprisingly did not have the address of our hotel, so thank goodness we could call Anne and Jon who were already at the hotel.

In this trip there were quite a few of us, but we all had our own agenda, so there wasn’t a time when the whole group was together. Okay… let me do a roll call, there was Anne and Jon, Dezzo and Hazel, Desmond Khoh and Doreen, Chow Yi, Agnes and her colleague Carol and at the last night of the trip, i managed to meet up with my cousin Greg and his dad Paul who were on official theQshop business.

Okay on to the adventure report!

After arriving at our hotel Bangkok Boutique Hotel, we rested for a while and got ready to set off to explore Bangkok with Anne and Jon. We walked all the way to Asoke BTS SkyTrain Station and took the SkyTrain to MBK (Mah Boon Krong) to meet Desmond Khoh and Doreen. After some shopping we walked to Siam Square to have dinner at KOKO, quite a nice and simple place to have Thai Food.

^ KOKO where we had our 1st dinner at Bangkok

^ The Girls from left; Pearl, Anne and Doreen

^ The Guys from left; Desmond Khoh, Jon and Nick

^ A very nice building i saw ABC Cooking Studio

After dinner, seeing all were ready to do shopping, Doreen, Pearl and myself took a tuk tuk to our next destination, where the rest took a cab.

^ Tuk Tuk in Bangkok, from left; Doreen, Pearl and Nick

We arrived at Suan-Lum Night Bazzar and i think the place is more like “Suana Night Bazzar” as the topic of the evening was on how warm and stuffy it was in the small aisle of shops. As there was limited time, i’m glad i manage to cover zone A, B and C by myself. It was really like an oven, but at least we bought some stuff. Okay i did not by much… only 1 tee shirt.

^ A typical stall at Suan-Lum Night Bazzar

^ Doitung Coffee at Suan-Lum Night Bazzar

At midnight, we all met and went to DoiTung to have cofee. very nice i have to say.

^ Having coffee, from left; Anne, Jon, Doreen and Desmond Khoh

^ Back to our Bangkok Boutique Hotel

This was just Day 1 of our Bangkok trip and i’m already feeling tired. Anyway… back to our very nice hotel for a cold shower and bed time.

Day 2

After a quick breakfast in the hotel, we set off to meet Chow Yi as she was in another hotel and have just finished with her business in Bangkok. We met at Asoke BTS SkyTrain Station and took a cab to Chatuchak Weekend Market. Desmond Khoh and Doreen however were already playing Golf somewhere…

^ The hot day starts at gate 23

^ Shop Shop Shop!

The main issue again was the heat, but at least Chatuchak was not stuffy. Jon came out with a 5 baht solution which made the whole morning much more bearable. Here is the tutorial…

^ Jon demos how to solve your heat problem in Chatuchak

Step 1 – Buy 5 baht worth of ice from a drink seller.

Step 2 – Grab a handful of ice in one hand.

Step 3 – Apply the ice on yourself and if your spouse is busy bargaining, apply the ice for her.

Step 4 – Pass the pack of ice around.

^ The 5 Baht savoiur

When we are done with Chatuchak, we went back to the hotel, Chow Yi was in Sheraton and was doing a Hotel transfer to Holiday Inn, so we splitted. However, Dezzo and Hazel have just arrived at Bangkok and have checked into our hotel too.

^ The Elephant Building we saw during our taxi ride

Now the afternoon plan was lunch and shopping at Emporium.

^ Lunch at Emporium, from left; Dezzo, Hazel, Pearl, Nick, Anne and Jon

^ After some shopping, we did High-Tea.

After the High-Tea, we went to Siam Centre and Siam Discovery Centre to do more shopping! For dinner we set off to Le Dalat Indochine.

^ From Left; Dezzo, Hazel, Jon, Anne and Pearl

It was a slow and nice dinner, and the highlight was not on the food, but the toilets. hmm… those who have been there will know what i’m talking about. hee… What a fun day.

Day 3

Rise and shine, it was Chatuchak again! But this time the team was Dezzo, Hazel, Pearl and Nick. Agnes and Carol also came to Chatuchak, but we all split up to save time.

^ Chatuchak Map at entrance

^ Shop Shop Shop!

^ View of Chatuchak from the Sky Train

We were off to Siam Square!

^ Street Graffiti

Dezzo, then brought us to visit The Metropolitan hotel in Bangkok, which was extremly beautiful. Dezzo and Hazel actually stayed there before. We than also walked over to check out Banyan Tree and The Sukhothai.

Now were were looking for a place to eat, so off on a cab we went to try our luck at Bed Supper Club which we knew was already full, so at least we had to take some pictures!

^ Dezzo and Hazel @ Bed Supper Club

^ Nick and Pearl @ ed Supper Club

^ It looks fantastic at night!

We managed to take a peek inside and the inside is SO SO SO COOL! You can check out the inside via their website yourself. I think if you go to Bangkok and did not go to the Bed Supper Club, you would have missed out big time, but pls remember to book way in advance!

Ok, no dinner there, but we manage to find a nice and simple Thai Restaurant nearby.

^ The girls – Pearl and Hazel

^ The guys – Dezzo and Nick

After dinner, the girls had to do a foot and body massage just beside the restaurant, while the guys explored the area around Sukhumvit Soi 11.

After that, we than headed back to Suan-Lum Night Bazzar again and that where we meet up with Greg and Paul for a nice night of shopping till midnight. The guys went to 1 shop and bought 9 Tees at a go! Don;t wanna tell you what they were, butif you know us, look out for some cool tees we will be wearing!

Back to hotel we go! What an end to a full day of shopping!

Day 4

This is out last day, but Pearl and I have not yet visited the famous wholesale centre below Baiyoke Sky Hotel. It was quite overwhelming as it was very much like the wholesale centres we went too in Guang Zhou.

We then headed back to Ted’s Café which was near our hotel for lunch.

^ Yumm.. lunch…

Back to hotel, wash up, pack up and home we went.

Bangkok was a blast, we really enjoyed the gruelling shopping spree and i have to say its definately more tiring than work. haha… anyway… we know we will be back to Bangkok again! for sure!

Here are some of the other blog entires of those who went.

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  1. Hello, this’s a very informative bangkok trip you’ve done!! i’ve been lurking around at your blog.. pretty interesting.. cheers

  2. Hello Nick, how was the rates for the nice Bangkok Boutique Hotel? SO nice the place, but i couldn’t find any info on the rates lah. And is it new? seems that it’s quite a dist. to the ctrl area. Was it far? :)

  3. It was SGD$76 per night for the normal twin sharing rooms which we did. You can always email the hotel to ask. Its a little off the main shopping area, but still by taxi its very near and taxis are cheap.

  4. Good post. Thanks for sharing. Bangkok is Bangkok is a city of contrast you must visit this city .

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