Cleo’s 1st Birthday!


Cleo turns 1 today! Happy Bidthday Cleo, Mommy, Daddy and Clié loves you! You are such a lovely baby!

All thanks to Pearl’s Uncle Steven and Aunt Mavis who not only kindly opened up their house last saturday to let us have this party, but also expecially to Aunt Mavis for cooking ALL the food and making all the preparations for the whole day.


from left behind Cleo: Ethan, Erin Joy, Carissa, Clié and Hanah. Not in photos are Joshua and Rebecca.

In the afternoon, we invited the kids from our Church and they had a simple party. There were balloons, party bags, chips, cakes, sweets, etc. I think the parents had a nice time hanging out too.




Alot of Pearl’s relatives came, both from her dad and mom side.


Also my family turned up together with my mom’s big brother’s family. I should have used flash.


My brothers


The gang!


Pearl’s mom on a comfy massage chair with Cleo.

9 Replies to “Cleo’s 1st Birthday!”

  1. Happy bday to chubby Cleo!
    Just a gentle note to Nick: i think the caption for the 2nd pic is abit wrong… “from left behind Cleo: Ethan, Erin Joy, Carissa, Cleo and Hanah”. It shld be Clie instead of Cleo yah? :)

  2. Hi baby Cleo!! You are such a sunshine in this lovely dress with a matching band. I am sure you must have enjoyed urself on your birthday. Happy 1st yr old birthday.

  3. hey there! i’ve been following the blogs of Clie n Cleo for really long! finally gettin down to drop a note! Happy belated bday Cleo! n ure gettin really pretty! :D

    Pearl n u are so blessed with 2 pretty angels! Keep updating about them yeah! :)

    o yah, i saw ur interview (a short one tho), with one of the magazine about keeping blogs for Clie n Cleo.

    i’ll be lookin forward to the day when they take over! :D


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