Forgetting who you are

I really like my Puma El Rey slip-on shoes. No laces, easy to put on, its comfy, it looks great, my jeans sit well on it, its not a track shoe, yet not a formal work shoe, yet I can wear it to work. I find it hard to buy shoes, but when I saw this, I knew at once i’ll be getting it. The best part is it all happened so quickly without much thinking and its done.

Unfortunately, not all decisions are made so instantly.

I’m faced with decisions everyday and not all are as easy as buying a pair of shoes. Sometimes in order to get something done, I become another person. I put on the negotiator mask to make people meet halfway. I put on the emphatic mask and totally understand issues individuals are facing hence not push them so hard. I put on the solutions mask and try to come up with plan B and C if needed.

Slowly, but surely, i’m getting used to how it is. Slowly, the behaviours that comes with the masks creep into my habits and slowly I become who i need to be.

Do I like it? I don’t know. But no matter what, I’ll not forget who I truly am.

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