Baby Clara

Clara Pan

The past few months have been alot about Clara. She is one lovely and adorable baby.

In the morning when she wakes up, she will smile radiantly and look at us as if we were exactly the people she wanted to see when she open her eyes.áAs parents, we yearn for her response. We want her to know we are her parents. We want her to understand the concept of parents. We want to know what she is thinking.

Pearl is still on maternity leaveáand have been spending alot of time with Clara. I constantly hear her calling “babyyyyyy” Its really nice and sweet. Sometimes i feel like just staying home to be with them.

Clara Pan

Clara is alot more aware of the things around her now. She will look at things, interact with us in her limited facial expressions.

We are so absolutely blessed with our three children. Thank God.

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