The Web Project Manager Interview

Got interviewed recently by TheSambarnes which is a unique Web Project Management website. They have previously interviewed people like Brett Harned who is Senior Project Manager at Happy Cog in US, Dean Flynn Program Director at IE from Melbourne, Martin Crockett Senior Project Manager / Producer at Pirata London in the UK and more.

Want to read how to someone who started in the toilet business ended up in web project management? Then read the next in the Web Project Manager Interviews series, this time with Nick Pan, Director of Projects and Qais Consulting, who says with regards to new project opportunities “…you’ve got to know when to hold ’em and and when fold ‘em.”
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If web is your day gig, I’ll love to get some feedback from fellow peers.

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  1. Bro, saw you mention some spreadsheets used to scope / time etc. I’m just practicing with mine for awhile and I agree how helpful it is.

    Got any template worthy of sharing? :D

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