Gardens By The Bay

Marina Bay Skyline
Marian Bay Skyline

The Singapore Skyline is beautiful. If you’ve seen it at night from�Marina Barrage you will have to agree with me. Now with the launch of our very new and very beautiful Gardens by the Bay, the skyline is even more awesome!

Gardens by the Bay - Under the Flower Dome
Under the Flower Dome

I managed to cycle thru the gardens one day after work and I have to say, even at night it looks awesome. The pillars supporting the domes are�majestic. It felt almost like ancient greek architects designed these great pillars.

Gardens by the Bay - Supertrees

The supertrees looks like something out from a science fiction movie. If aliens landed here and saw these supertrees, they would have felt very much at home.

The Ongs and The Pans
The Ongs and The Pans

The next day, we went there with family and friends. Unfortunately it was raining and everyone sort of cramped into the sheltered area. The kids however still managed to have a ball of a time as they had each other which I think was enough to make a fun afternoon.

The kiddos
The kiddos

The 2 small ones, Clara and Sophie both had the same push cars. They totally enjoyed going around the park in style.

Clara Pan and Sophie Ong
Clara and Sophie

Overall it was a fun day, but we hardly saw much of the garden. I think we need to go back there again soon.

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