Interviews with an Alien

20130817_thehivequeen The Hive Queen by =morganagod
The Hive Queen by =morganagod

Humans. A strange species.

They have managed to accomplishments great feats. They have built amazing structures, many times taller then them. Established efficient cities that allowed a dense number of inhabitants to live in close proximity while being able to control the climate in their habitats all across their planet. They have also pushed their physical bodies, scaled their tallest peaks, dived their deepest oceans. Where they can’t reach themselves, they have sent probes deep into their oceans and into space, far away from their homeworld.

Humans. Although they are one species, they have varied cultures and each rich with practices that gets passed on from generation to generation willingly even if they seem to serve no particular rational meaning. Humans are creative, as they can solve a problem in many different ways when different individuals are tasked to solve them.

There are also activities that they carry out for no productive reason, some of these activities shows desires of bringing order to elements that reflect light spectrum in a geometrical and symmetrical way. Creating objects for the sheer pleasure of creation. Other activities like the act of mating seems popular too but not all acts leads to offsprings as they seem to only enjoy the act.

Having to share a small planet and its resources seems to be a constant struggle with Humans. They fight amongst themselves constantly and kill each other on a daily basis. Their daily activities and over population trend is also harmful to their only planet. They must definitely know it, but then why do they still do it?

Their great accomplishments and detrimental behaviours make them a strange and conflicted species. It feels as if they don’t think they are of the same species.

However, there are some Human dynamics that can’t be explained scientifically and some of these actions should be caused by reasons that are unobservable by science. By talking to a group in a certain way before engaging in combat increases their abilities. They believe in some things that are unseen, unheard and plainly unobservable. They at times act extremely irrationally even at the lost of their lives to ensure the survival of others.

Humans, so brilliant yet so wretched.

Image by =morganagod at deviantART

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